United Solar Nations (USN)


USNlogo.pngThe United Solar Nations (USN) is an Earth founded chartered organization whose purpose is to promote humanitarian relations between nations. However, its scope is greater than that of the old United Nations. It is more concerned with interplanetary rather than domestic politics. Thus, the various non-CEGA states on Earth are afforded little power in the USN Assembly. The existence of only eight voting positions in the USN has greatly simplified matters of organization. Sadly, this situation also makes it difficult for nations to stay neutral in disputes since every decision will have some effect on every member. Over the years, two ”voting groups” have developed, although they are not formal associations. The Jovians, Martian Free Republic and Mercury tend to vote together, while CEGA, Venus and the Martian Federation form an opposing group. The Belt and the Independent States on Earth are wild cards; their decisions are motivated solely by their shared desire to be left
alone. In recent months, however, these two members have been siding with the Jovian faction, increasing CEGA’s frustration.

The chambers of the USN are located on PyreaOrbital Station. An entire section of the colony cylinder is recognized as neutral territory for the use of the USN, complete with its own docking facilities and housing area.

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United Solar Nations (USN)

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