SolaPol - The Solar Police

SolaPol is widely recognized (and resented) as the finest intelligence agency in the solar system. Its agents are everywhere, working undercover as deterrents to any misbehavior. The Solar Police act as the eyes, ears and hands of the USN in its attempt to maintain the peace among solar nations.

The agency is tasked with performing the impossible. Its primary mission is to moderate the settlements of the solar system, to uncover both plots and misunderstandings and take steps to subdue them before they are impossible to stop. This gargantuan task is accomplished on a daily basis with little or no external help or support. SolaPol has naturally made many enemies along the way.

If a possible violation of interplanetary law under the jurisdiction of SolaPol has occurred, the agency will conduct an investigation. The information and evidence gathered in the course of that investigation are then presented to the appropriate official or agency, who will determine whether or not prosecution or further action is warranted. Depending on the outcome of the investigation, evidence is either returned or retained for court; some of it may be confiscated by SolaPol. Its agents are the main investigators of criminal acts that reach across frontiers, be they the work of individuals or organizations. Local law enforcement agencies have little choice but to turn to the Solar Police when their quarries escape their jurisdiction and flee to another settlement.

The main weapon of the agency is information, more so than firepower or politicking. They discover and reveal the agendas of hostile parties, leaving the definition of the term ‘hostile’ to their discretion. This has made everyone who has a secret to hide, which amounts to just everyone, suspicious of SolaPol. SolaPol law enforcement officials train at St. Cloud Academy, a small asteroid that orbits Pyrea station.

SolaPol - The Solar Police

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