The massive colonization of Jupiter’s orbit was not a planned event. The first stations around the huge planet were thickly armored wheels crewed by highly paid technicians. These stations were built for the express purpose of mining Jupiter’s rich gas resources. Other mining colony stations were built by the same companies in Jupiter’s L4 and L5 points.

The Fall of Earth changed everything. Millions of refugees, fearing that war would spread throughout the inner solar system, fled as far as they could and settled in the orbit of Jupiter. Once there, they discovered that life without solid ground or a bright sun was possible, and that the vast untapped resources that surrounded them would ensure comfortable lives for their children. Pursuing that dream, the Jovians worked hard over the next century to survive their harsh environment and build a civilization for their descendants.

The modern Jovian Confederation consists of three states of roughly equal size. Olympus, located around Jupiter itself, is the founding state of the Confederation and is where the
Confederation’s capital, Elysee, is located. The other two states reside at Jupiter’s L4 and L5
points. These are over 800 million kilometers ahead of and behind Jupiter in its orbit and are
home to thousands of asteroids. These asteroids are known as the Trojans. The colonies constructed amongst them are referred to as the Trojan States.

The Jovian Confederation is home to the thinkers and workers who have fled the troubled Earth of the past centuries. Their enormous space stations, orbiting Jupiter and protected by sturdy screen generators, are a sight to behold. The Confederation was the first to develop and field exo-armors.

Jovians are community-oriented, intelligent and reliable people. Their ancestors, having taken refuge from wars and misery, have made the Jovian society a peaceful one, dedicated to the study of science and the betterment of life. Although they get along well with most of the other settlements, they distrust both the CEGA and Venus. It is also rumored that certain factions within the Agora (the Jovian government) are hungry for power and may take actions that could put the safety of the Confederation in jeopardy.


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